Caregivers are people caring for elderly parents, spouses, children or relatives. It is estimated that more than one quarter of the adult population has provided care to a family member in the past year alone. The Agency provides information and emotional support to caregivers through a monthly support group meeting. This is where people with mutual interests share information, thoughts, feelings and experiences. For date, time and location of meetings, call in Pine Bluff at 543-6300 or toll-free at 1-800-264-3260.

Caring for another person can be physically, mentally and financially draining. Respite, a break for caregivers and families, is a service where temporary care is provided to the caregiver. Respite Care can occur in a facility or in a home setting for varying lengths of time depending on the needs of the family and available resources. The program serves either persons caring for someone age 60 or older or a caregiver who is age 60 or over. Respite funding may come in the form of a voucher awarded by the Agency or through the Elderchoices program.

Respite care services are available at any of the Agency’s county offices or by calling 1-800-264-3260.