Home Care Services

Access Services – From time to time, an older person (60+) may seek special help in getting public benefits and/or services or in protecting individual rights.  When this occurs, Area Agency on Aging Access Services may take a more direct approach by serving as the older person’s representative. Helping older individuals continue to live at home with as much independence as possible is the goal of an Area Agency Case Manager.  Together, they can work out a plan for service that builds on support available from family and friends.  The Case Manager helps the older person find services through existing providers within the community.

Area Agency also provides an Ombudsman who receives and investigates complaints against long-term care facilities. The Ombudsman works to resolve these complaints between residents and the administration or staff.  The Ombudsman may also assists clients with the appropriate long-term care facility placement.  She or he serves those who are 60 years or older or their spouse, regardless of age.

Another important part of Access Services is Information and Assistance.  Area Agency has a Referral Specialist who assists the elderly population in finding the services in their community to meet their needs.  It is a direct resource for older people and their families to contact for help with problems.  If you need help from another agency, the specialist can assist you with the address or telephone number.  Benefits counseling is also available for seniors who have questions concerning their current health care insurance coverage, including Medicare.

Case Management – Case management is a collaborative process of assessing, planning, facilitating, evaluating and advocating on behalf of individuals going through difficult situations.  The case manager helps to address needs through available resources. Case management is available in all ten of the counties we service.

Case Management Resources

 Power to Care – is a service offered during selected times of the year to assist with electric bills.

 SNAP – is the food stamp program.  Case managers can assist with the application process.

 AAPD – is a Medicaid program designed to help individuals ages 21-64 and is specifically for the disabled.  The service allows the consumer to direct their in-home care or receive in-home care through a traditional agency model.

ElderChoice Program – is designed to help individuals with needs for personal care, respite, homemaker, adult companion and PERS (Personal Emergency Response System).  You must be 65 years or older to qualify for this service.

Adult Protective Services (APS) – is an agency to assist an individual in extreme need, in an unsafe environment or in a life-threatening situation.

Client Representation – is a service where the case manager provides assistance with applications for state and federal programs.

 Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) – provides free one-on-one counseling, education and information to individuals receiving or about to receive Medicare.  SHIIP is funded by a grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Information is available to answer your questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, long-term care insurance and other health insurance issues.  Based on your income, you may qualify for financial assistance with your insurance premiums.

Respite – is grant monies that provide a temporary relief for the caregiver providing 24-hour care.  Grants are approved on the basis of eligibility and the availability of funds.

Targeted Case Management – is a service provided to qualified individuals through the Medicaid program.  A case manager is assigned to assist in carrying out the goals on your care plan to meet your needs.

Home Health

Home Health – Home health covers a ten-county area.  We service Arkansas, Ashley, Bradley, Cleveland, Chicot, Desha, Drew, Grant, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties. Skilled care is a service provided to meet the medical needs of patients of all ages ranging from observation and assessment of medical conditions.

Communication with attending physicians and healthcare providers to providing medical skills that include medication management, intravenous infusion, wound care and physical therapy.  All of these services are performed in the patient’s residence.

Agency Attendant Care – Agency attendant care assists with the tasks of daily living based on need and approved by a physician.  The agency supervises the attendant.

Adult Companion – Adult companion services include non-medical care, supervision and socialization services provided to an adult who is functionally impaired.  Companions may assist or supervise the individual with such tasks as meal preparation, laundry and shopping.

Homemaker – Homemaker services provide basic upkeep and maintenance of the home and household assistance such as:  menu planning, laundry, meal preparation, simple household tasks, essential shopping and errands.

Home Meds – This program provides free prescription drug interaction detection through the nursing staff for those that are willing to provide all drug information.

Personal Care – Personal care services are hands-on assistance with activities for daily living (ADL’s), feeding toileting, selecting proper attire, grooming, maintaining continence, dressing and bathing.

Alternatives for Adults with Disabilities (AAPD) – Long-term services and supports are provided through this Medicaid waiver program to individuals under age 65, but at least age 21, who have a physical disability and live at home.

Individuals enrolled in AAPD are eligible to receive full rang Medicaid services plus the following services. Attendant care services, Environmental Accessibility Adaptations/Equipment and Case Management.

Community Services

Information and Assistance – This program provides free information and Guidance pertaining to services and programs available to assist the older and disabled individuals.  Our goal is to match needs with programs, services and resources in the area.

Community Services – Community Services are for individuals that are 60 years old, disabled or veterans.  Community services assist with the needs of individuals through the use of community resources, support groups and fan drives.

The Alzheimer’s Support Groups and the Crime and Victim’s Support Groups meet monthly.  The Alzheimer’s Support Group educates caregivers and the community about this complex   disease. Guest speakers discuss techniques and life experiences to help individuals understand the disease, prevent caregiver burnout, provide cognitive stimulation and maintain mental and physical health.

Personal Emergency Response System  – Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is a 24-Hour, seven-day-a-week, in home electronic support system that provides two-way verbal and electronic communication with and emergency control center. It enables individuals who are elderly or homebound to secure immediate help in the event of a physical, emotional or environmental emergency.

Ombudsman  – The Ombudsman Program is an advocacy program for individuals in nursing homes, adult daycares, assisted living facilities and other residential care facilities. If you think your rights, the rights of a loved one or friend have been violated; call the regional ombudsman in your area.

Volunteer Participation

There are all types of volunteer jobs available throughout the Agency in all counties depending on the times you are available and your specific interests and talents


You may volunteer to:

* Deliver meals to the homebound.

* Present programs or entertainment at Senior Centers or at special meetings.

* Transport the elderly and handicapped.

* Help in fund-raising events.

* Work in the administrative offices (answering the phone, typing, filing, etc.)

* Visit nursing home residents in the Long Term Care Ombudsman program.

* Help frail elderly with home chores and handyman services.

* Or choose among many other supportive opportunities.

Material Aid – Helps to provides goods to meet or prevent an imminent emergency. For example, you can purchase necessities for someone whose home has been destroyed by fire, or the distribution of items: such as clothing, smoke detectors, eyeglasses or security devices.

Transportation – Southeast Arkansas Transportation (SEAT) started in April, 1993 with three vans, three drivers, and a handwritten daily schedule.  Today, SEAT makes an average of 1100 one-way trips per day, employs 126 people including 101 well-trained professional drivers operating 114 vans, with 81 being accessible for riders with physical disabilities.

SEAT offers demand-response rural public transportation for citizens of all ages and serves 14 counties in Southeast Arkansas.  Riders may access services by riding SEAT locally or from Southeast Arkansas anywhere within our service area and return.  SEAT also offers round-trip transportation into Mississippi and Louisiana on a limited basis.


SEAT coordinates services with Pine Bluff Transit as needed. For a nominal fee we transport citizens shopping, appointments, to and from senior centers, and provide Medicaid non-emergency transportation throughout our service area.

Reservations are needed at least 48 business hours in advance to allow planning for efficient use of resources.

Full Schedule                                                                    Limited Schedule

Arkansas         Desha                                                                           Calhoun

Ashley              Drew                                                                              Dallas

Bradley            Grant                                                                             Lonoke

Chicot              Jefferson                                                                        Union

Cleveland        Lincoln

VA – This program is designed to assist veterans with their personal care and health needs.
Memorial/Honorarium Program-The Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas accepts many forms of payment for certain services, such as Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.  However, sometimes a person in need of help has none of these.  Thanks to the generosity of others through the Agency’s Memorial/Honorarium Program, these persons are able to receive the needed services.  Other uses for donations include emergency assistance, such as utility assistance and purchases of fans and direct provision of services like home delivered meals.
Private Pay-The Private Pay Program was developed to provide agency services to those individuals who do not meet the qualifications of Medicaid or Medicare, or have a personal insurance policy to help augment the cost of medical services needed.

All agency services are available through the Private Pay Program.


Living Will-A Living Will is a document that tells others of your wish to be allowed to die a natural death – if you should become unable to express your wishes in the future.  The Living Will tells medical professionals and members of your family to what extent special means should or should not be used to keep your body alive if you are incurably ill.  The Will allows you to refuse certain medical procedures that may only prolong dying, or maintain the body in an unconscious state.  The Living Will is to be used only if you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious.

If you would like more information about Living Wills and/or would like a copy of one, please contact the Area Agency of Southeast Arkansas at 543-6300 or 1-800-264-3260.


Medicare Savings Programs

Since 1988, several laws have been passed requiring states to provide savings to certain Medicare recipients through the state’s Medicare program. The categories enacted are listed below provide Medicare Savings by paying the premium or a portion of the Medicare premium, and possibility the Medicare deductibles and coinsurance. Except for AR Seniors, the categories listed below do not pay for the full range of Medicaid services.

AR seniors-For QMBs aged 65 and older who have lower income. AR Seniors provides full Medicaid coverage. It is the only coverage group in the Medicare Savings categories that provides full range Medicaid benefits.


Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)-Medicare recipients who are over the regular Medicaid income limit may be eligible for QMB to pay their Medicare premiums, deductible, and co-insurance.

Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SMB)-Medicare recipients that are over the income limits for regular Medicaid and QMB may be eligible for SMB. SMBs are eligible for the payment of Medicare Part B premiums only. No other Medicare cost sharing changes are covered.

Qualified Individual – (QI-1)-Medicare recipients that are over the income limits for regular Medicaid, QMB, and SMB may be eligible for QI-1. These individuals may be eligible for the payment of Medicare Part B premiums only.


Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides limited services and contributes toward the cost of medical care for eligible persons. In Arkansas, Medicaid is administered by the Department of Human Services, Division of Medical Services.

The following Medicaid categories apply to Arkansans who are elderly and have disabilities.  The department of Human Services has set up concise guidelines to follow when determining your eligibility for Medicaid. For assistance in applying or for additional information, visit or the Area Agency on Aging office or Department of Human Services office. The Department of Human Services has set up concise guidelines to follow when determining your eligibility for Medicaid.  Applicants with Medicare Part B need to be sure to count their premium as part of their income.

Supplemental Security Income-A person who is eligible for SSI is automatically eligible for Medicaid.


Pickle Amendment (COLA) Medicaid-Former SSI Recipients may re-qualify for Medicaid by disregarding their Social Security cost-of-living adjustments or COLAs. The Pickle Amendment is a federal law that helps former SSI recipients qualify for Medicaid, disregarding all of the Social Security cost-of-living-adjustment since SSI ceased. This adjustment helps some low-income Medicare beneficiaries regain Medicaid coverage, which assists in paying medical services not covered by Medicare.

Living Choices (Assisted Living)-A Medicaid home and community based waiver program that will provide 24 hour supervision and support services including limited nursing services in a congregate setting to individuals aged 65 of older, or 21 years of age of older that are blind and disabled.

Independent Choices –A Medicaid service for Medicaid eligible individuals aged 18 and above who have a medical need for personal care services and choose to direct their own care.

Nursing Home Care-It is a category of Medicaid to pay for nursing home care.

Money Follows the Person (MFP) – Money follows the person is a demonstration grant for individuals who are Medicaid eligible and live in a nursing facility. The individual must have a strong desire to move back into the community and receive home and community-based services of their choice.


Medicaid Eligibility for the Aged, Blind and Disabled-The following is designed to help determine eligibility for Medicaid programs.  For assistance in applying, contact either your local Department of Human Services office or the Area Agency. The Department of Human Services has set up concise guidelines to follow when determining your eligibility for Medicaid.  Applicants with Medicare Part B need to be sure to count their premium as part of their income.


Medically Needy Spend Down-This Medicaid category provides temporary coverage for the Aged, Blind and Disabled persons with high medical expenses who would not normally qualify for Medicaid because of their income.  Applicants may deduct medical expenses incurred during a three month Spend Down period, plus other old, unpaid medical bills to reduce their countable income to below the Medically Needy income limits.

Medical expenses can include Medicare and other insurance premiums, deductibles, co-payments and private pay nursing home bills, as well as doctor, hospital and prescription bills not covered by insurance.

The Spend Down period (three months) can go back as far as the three months prior to the month of application, after the deductions of medical and other expenses that have been applied.  These bills used to spend down to income eligibility will not be paid by Medicaid.  To make application, apply at your local Department of Human Services office.

Working Disabled- Medicaid for individuals with disabilities and disabling medical conditions who support themselves by working rather than by disability benefits such as SSI and Social Security Disability.

To qualify, an individual must be aged 18-64, have a disability, and work.  Unearned income, such as Social Security Disability or workers compensation, cannot exceed the SSI benefit plus $20.  However, the limit on income from working is much higher, and the income of the spouse is not counted.

Apply for Workers with disabilities at the local Arkansas Department of Human Services County office. It is considered Medicaid Category 10. Application form DCO-950 is used for applying for Workers with Disabilities.


SSI & Social Security –The applicant must be 65 years of age, blind or disabled. Applications for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) can be made at your local Social Security office.  SSI recipients automatically qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Medical Need Eligibility– All Medicaid programs require that the individual be in medical need of the services provided to participate in that service.

ElderChoices/Adult Family homes, Alternatives for Adults with Physical Disabilities, Pace, Living Choices and nursing Facilities require that the individual meet the nursing home level of care as determined by the Office of Long-Term Care.

Personal care and Independent Choices require that the individual’s attending physician authorizes the need for personal care services.

Resources for Seniors

Arkansas Senior Medicare Patrol-The Arkansas Senior Medicare Patrol (ASMP) program receives its funding from a federal grant from the Administration on Aging administered through the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Aging and Adult Services.

The Arkansas Senior Medicare Patrol recruits and trains senior volunteers to educate Arkansans about Medicare fraud prevention and also alerts Arkansas about the latest scams targeting the senior population. The ASMP offers group presentations and one-on-one counseling and also distributes a variety of educational materials and tools; such as, “Personal Healthcare Journal,” “Personal Medical Record,” “How to Read Your Medicare Summary Notice,” and a quarterly ASMP Newsletter.

The ASMP believes that educated consumers are empowered to protect themselves and the Medicare trust fund from fraud, waste, and abuse. The ASMP has a toll-free HELP line – 866.726.2916 – for reporting suspected Medicare and Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse. The HELP line is also available to individuals who may be interested in volunteering with ASMP program, scheduling a fraud presentation, or requesting materials.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)-SNAP is designed to provide food assistance to eligible households with a limited income and resources to cover a portion of their food expense.
SNAP benefits are authorized through an Electric Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. The EBT card may be used in a grocery store or other outlet where EBT cards are accepted. Apply for them at your local Department of Human Services (DHS), or for more information, visit:


Home Repairs and Weatherization and Commodity Distribution Program –These agencies will offer financial aid to senior citizens who need help in home repair or paying fuel bills.  Also check with you county Farmers Home Administration office (FMHA) for information on home repair loans. These Agencies also administer the Commodity Distribution Programs.

Pine Bluff Community Development200 East 8thPine Bluff, AR  71601



Pine Bluff/Jeff. Co. EOC425 S. MainP. O. Box 429

Stuttgart, AR  72160


Serves: Arkansas County


SE AR Community Action Corp.1208 N. MyrtleP.O. Box 312

Warren, AR  71671


Serves:  Bradley County

Pine Bluff/Jeff. Co. EOC203 Main St.Rison, AR  71665


Serves:  Cleveland County


Pine Bluff/Jeff. Co. EOC815 E. CenterSheridan, AR  72150


Serves:  Grant County


Pine Bluff/Jeff. Co. EOC817 S. CherryP. O. Box 7228

Pine Bluff, AR  71601


Serves:  Jefferson County

Lincoln/Jeff. Co. EOC107 S. DrewStar City, AR  71667


SE AR Community Action Corp.205 E. Jefferson (Crthouse Annex)Hamburg, AR  71646


Serves:  Ashley County


SE AR Community Action Corp.1736 Hwy 65/82Lake Village, AR  71653


Serves:  Chicot County


SE AR Community Action Corp.532 N. PineMitchellville, AR  71639


Serves:  Desha County

SE AR Community Action Corp.444 Hwy 425Monticello, AR  71655

870-460-0842  Serves:  Drew County



Long Term Care – Nursing Home Care-No income exclusions.  Married persons are counted as separated when applying for nursing home assistance, and only when the applicant’s income is counted.  A couple’s resources are divided according to Medicaid rules.  The spouse in the nursing home must spend down his/her countable resources to $2,000 to receive Medicaid assistance.  Applications are available at your local Department of Human Services office.


ElderChoices – Nursing Home Alternatives-ElderChoices is a special Medicaid program to help people stay out of nursing homes, by providing services they need in their own home, or with the help of a caregiver.  Income eligibility is based on each person’s income.  However, a couple’s resources or assets are considered jointly and are not divided.  Countable resources remain the same.

An applicant must be assessed by a Department of Human Services (DHS) nurse as needing intermediate level care, which would force them to go into a nursing home if home and community based services are unavailable.  Those qualifying also receive other Medicaid services, such as prescriptions.  Enrollment in ElderChoices is limited, so persons who may be eligible should apply as soon as possible at your local county DHS office or you can call for assistance from a Care Manager at the Area Agency.


Choices in Living Center- The Resource Center provides information and assistance about long-term services and support systems with just one call to 1-866-801-3435. They will assist consumers in making informed choices about of the options and services that may be available to them. People age 60 and over, adults age 18 and over with disabilities or chronic conditions, caregivers, family members providers, or anyone with questions about their services or individuals planning for future long-term care supports, services and needs. There is no charge for this service.

Financial Eligibility- Personal Care and Independent Choices are Medicaid services available to Medicaid recipients in a program that covers personal care. An individual must be eligible and enroll in a Medicaid program that covers personal care in order to receive the service.

ElderChoices/Adult Family Homes, Alternatives for Adults with Physical Disabilities (AAPD), PACE, Living Choices, and Nursing Facilities are Medicaid programs that an individual must apply for and enroll in to receive the services. These programs have the same financial eligibility requirements except for a few criteria that will be noted.

Income Limit: $2,199.00 per month (Effective January 2015 and may increase in January 2016)

Only the individual’s gross monthly income is counted. The spouse’s income is not considered.

Individuals applying for financial eligibility, who are over the income limit, may be income eligible if an Income Trust is established. When applying, the caseworker should explain how to establish an Income Trust if you are over the income limit.

Resource Limit: $2,000 for an individual; $3,000 for a married couple when they both apply

A home, car and certain burial arrangements are disregarded from resource consideration.

When an individual who is married applies and the spouse does not apply, a portion of the couple’s resources can be protected for the ineligible spouse and not counted toward the applicant’s resource limit. If the couple’s total countable resources are:

If total resources are under $23,884, the ineligible spouse gets all of the resources.

If total resources are $23,844 to $47,688, the ineligible spouse gets $23,844.

If total resources are $47.688 to $238,440, the ineligible spouse gets one-half.

If total resources are over $238.440, the ineligible spouse gets $119,220 (the maximum, which is effective January 1, 2015).

The amount that is not protected for the ineligible spouse is counted toward the applicant’s resource limit of $2,000.

Individuals who have transferred resources in the past five years and did not receive full compensation may be ineligible to enroll in these LTSS programs during a penalty period determined by the value of the resource, compensation received, and when the transfer was made.

Estate Recovery – These Medicaid programs are subject to Estate Recovery provisions. Please go to the following link to learn more about Estate Recovery:

Nursing Homes

The Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas has a complete list of Southeast Arkansas nursing homes and will assist older persons and their families in choosing a nursing home that meets an individual’s special needs.  Nursing homes offer housing and medical help to people who are unable to completely take care of themselves.  One kind, called Skilled Care Facility, offers 24 hours of nursing care daily.  The other kind of nursing home, an Intermediate Care Facility provides up to 40 hours a week for nursing care.

Call the Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas at 870-543-6300 or 1-800-264-3260 for more information and assistance.



State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

P.O. Box 1437, Slot 1412

Little Rock, AR  72203


The Ombudsman receives and investigates complaints concerning long-term care facilities and works to resolve them.  He/She assists clients with appropriate long-term care facility placement.  The Ombudsman serves those who are 60 years or older, or their spouse, regardless of age.



State Office of Long-Term Care

P.O. Box 8059, Slot 404

Little Rock, AR  72203-8059


Complaints: 1-800-582-4887


Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas


709 E. Eighth

PO Box 8569

Pine Bluff, AR 71611

Spousal Impoverishment Protection


Dividing Couples Resources-The rules of Spousal Impoverishment Protection explains how a couple’s countable resources are divided to qualify for the following:

Medicaid assistance in a nursing home-When a married person enters a nursing home, either spouse can request an initial assessment by the county’s Department of Human Services office to assess and document the couple’s resources are divided to qualify for Medicaid assistance in a nursing home. When a married person enters a nursing home, either spouse can request an initial assessment by the county department of Human Services office to assess and document the couples’ resources.

Allowances for Spouses of Nursing Home Residents-If a nursing home resident qualifies for Medicaid assistance, some of his or her income may be used to support a spouse living in the community.  However, some community spouses may be better off rejecting an allowance from their spouse, so they will not lose their Medicaid eligibility.

The spouse in the community can receive a minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance to supplement his or her income.  If the community spouse pays utility bills, and /or housing costs, (rent, mortgage payments homeowners insurance), they may be entitled to an allowance.  Contact Department of Human Services for more information on this allowance.

Advocates for Senior Citizens
Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas709 East 8th AvenueP.O. Box 8569

Pine Bluff, AR  71611

870-543-6300 or 800-264-3260

Adult Protective ServicesDivision of Aging and Adult ServicesP.O. Box 1437, Slot 1412

Little Rock, AR  72203-1437

501-682-8491 or 800-482-8049


Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services

Arkansas Alzheimer’s Programs and Services assist fellow Arkansans in their daily duties of caring for their loved ones who live each day with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services

10411 W. Markham, Suite 130

Little Rock, AR  72205

501-224-0021or 800-689-6090

24/7 Caregiver Helpline


Support Services-Eighty percent of the in-home care for frail elderly is provided by family members who often must sacrifice employment opportunities to provide care.  Family caregivers need information about community resources, respite from the strains of care giving roles and mutual support.  The following services may offer some assistance to the care providers.

Alzheimer/Caregiver Support GroupArea Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas, 709 East Eighth, PO Box 8569, Pine Bluff AR  71611 870-543-6300 or 800-264-3260

Eldercare Locator

For out of state meeting and information call:


Congressional Offices


Personnel in the offices of the following senators and congressmen will provide you with information and assistance in pursuing various problems or inquires.  You may want to call one of the following offices for more information:


Senator John Boozman620 E. 22nd, Suite 204Stuttgart, AR  72160


Serves entire state of Arkansas

Senator Tom CottonThe River Market11809 Hinson Road Suite 100

PO Box 25126

Little Rock, AR  72221


Serves entire state of Arkansas

Congressman Bruce Westerman101 Reserve StreetHot Springs, AR  71901


Serves 4th Congressional District


Congressman Rick Crawford2400 Highland Drive, Ste. 3000Jonesboro, AR  72401


Serves 1st Congressional District (which includes Arkansas, Chicot, Desha and Lincoln Counties)


Arkansas Government


Governor, Asa HutchinsonState Capitol, Room 250Little Rock, AR  72201


State Treasurer, Dennis MilliganState Capitol, Suite 220Little Rock, AR  72201



Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge

323 Center Street, Suite 200

Little Rock, AR  72201


Lieutenant Governor, Tim GriffinState Capitol Little Rock, AR  72201501-682-2144

State Auditor, Andrea Lea1401 West Capital Ave, Ste 325Little Rock, AR  72201


Land Commissioner, John M. ThurstonState CapitolLittle Rock, AR  72201



Secretary of State, Mark MartinState Capitol, Suite 256Little Rock, AR  72201




Consumer Information

Senior citizens around the country can easily be victimized by con artists and illegal business practices.  In order to protect your interest as a consumer, the Attorney General’s Office of Arkansas has established the Consumer Protection Division.  This office will handle all of your complaints as a consumer, from door-to-door sales to mail order fraud.  Check with the agencies listed below for more information about your rights as a consumer.


Arkansas Attorney GeneralConsumer Protection Division                             200 Tower Building

323 Center Street

Little Rock, AR  72201

501-682-2341 or 800-482-8982


Arkansas Public Service Commission – Consumer Services1000 Center

P.O. Box 400

Little Rock, AR  72203

501-682-1718 or 800-482-1164


Arkansas Energy Office900 W. CapitolLittle Rock, AR  72201



The Better Business Bureau of Arkansas, Inc. (BBB)12521 Kanis RoadLittle Rock, AR  72211

501-664-7274 or 800-482-8448

Arkansas Insurance Dept.1200 West 3rdLittle Rock, AR  72201

501-371-2600 or 800-282-9134





Many agencies in the Southeast Arkansas region can provide low cost and no-cost counseling on various matters.  The behavioral health care system works with persons with alcohol, mental illness, and drug abuse problems.  In addition, these centers provide group therapy, individual and family counseling and psychological analysis.  Specific problems may be resolved by contacting some of the agencies listed.

Behavioral Centers
Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Healthcare System            2500 Rike DrivePine Bluff, AR 71603

(870) 534-1834 or 800-272-2088

Serving Arkansas, Grant, Jefferson, & Lincoln Counties

Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Health Care            301 North Oak StreetSheridan, AR  72150

(870) 942-5101

Also has Day Treatment

Delta Counseling Associates2410 Hwy 65 NorthMcGehee, AR 71544

(870) 222-3107


Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Health Care612 East Arkansas StreetStar City, AR  71667

(870) 628-4181   Also has Day Treatment


Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Health Care121 Commercial Dr. Suite BStuttgart, AR  72160

(870) 673-1633

Also has Day Treatment


Delta Counseling Associates708 Hwy 65SDumas, AR  71639

(870) 382-4001

Delta Counseling Associates, Inc.790 Roberts DriveMonticello, AR 71657

(870) 367-2461or 800-323-2703

Serving Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Desha, & Drew Counties

Rivendell Behavioral Health 100 Rivendell DriveBenton, AR  72015



Day Springs1371 Hwy. 278 WestMonticello, AR 71655

(870) 367-2141

South Central Center on Aging4747 Dusty Lake Drive, Suite 101Pine Bluff, AR 71603


Serving Arkansas, Cleveland, Desha, Drew, Grant, Jefferson & Lincoln Counties


South Arkansas Center on Aging              620 West Oak, Suite 201El Dorado, AR  71730

(870) 863-4996

Serving Ashley, Bradley and Chicot Counties


Delta Counseling Associates1308 W. 5thCrossett, AR 71635

(870) 364-6471



Inspirations1505 North Medical DriveStuttgart, AR 72160

(870) 674-6703

Delta Counseling Associates1127 Second St.Lake Village, AR 71653

(870) 265-3808

Delta Counseling Associates1404 Church StreetWarren, AR 71671

(870) 226-5856

Transitions Outpatient Counseling          ProgramDrew Memorial Hospital

778 Scogin Dr.

Monticello, AR  71655



County Health Departments


Arkansas CountyHealth Clinic1616 S. Madison

DeWitt, AR  72042


Health Clinic

1602 North Buerkle

Stuttgart AR  72160



Ashley County            Health Clinic401 N. Cherry

Hamburg, AR  71646


Health Clinic

1300 W. 5th Avenue

Crossett AR  71635


Desha CountyHealth Clinic100 East Oak

McGehee, AR  71654


Health Clinic

761 Hwy 65 South

Dumas AR  71639



Bradley CountyHealth Clinic208 Bragg Street

Warren, AR  71671


Chicot CountyHealth Clinic1742 Highway 65 & 82

Lake Village, AR  71653


Grant CountyHealth Clinic700 East Center

Sheridan, AR  72150


Cleveland CountyHealth Clinic409 E. Magnolia

Rison, AR  71665


Drew CountyHealth Clinic940 Scogin Drive

Monticello, AR  71655


Lincoln CountyHealth Clinic214 S. Lincoln

Star City, AR  71667



Jefferson CountyHealth Clinic2306 Rike Drive

P.O. Box 7267

Pine Bluff, AR  71611


Educational Opportunities

(In Arkansas, state funded colleges waive tuition for students 60 years of age or older.)


University of Arkansas at Monticello346 University DriveP.O. Box 3589 UAM

Monticello, AR  71655

870-460-1026 or 800-844-1826





Southeast Arkansas College1900 HazelPine Bluff, AR  71603


University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff1200 N. University DrivePine Bluff, AR  71601



Phillips Co. Community College – UA2807 Hwy 165 SouthStuttgart, AR 72160



1210 Ricebelt Dr.

DeWitt AR  72042


UAM College of Technology1609 East AshMcGehee, AR  71654

870-222-5360 or 800-747-5360

UAM College of Technology

1326 Hwy 52W

Crossett, AR 71635

870-364-6414 or 866-323-3384

Elderhostel11 Avenue De LafayetteBoston, MA  02111









Department of Human Services


Arkansas County DHS100 Court SquareDewitt, AR  72042-2025


203 South Leslie

PO Box 1008

Stuttgart AR  72160-0270


Ashley County DHS201 West LincolnP.O. Box 190

Hamburg, AR  71646-0190


Desha County DHS200 N. FirstP. O.  Box 1009

McGehee, AR  71654-0111


Bradley County DHS96 North EtheridgeP.O. Box 509

Warren, AR  71671-0509


Drew County DHS444 Highway 425 NorthP.O. Box 1350

Monticello, AR  71657-1350



Chicot County DHS1736 Hwy 65-82SPO Box 71

Lake Village AR  71653-0071


Cleveland County DHS900 Oak StreetP. O. Box 465

Rison, AR  71665-0465


Grant County DHS#16 Opportunity DriveP. O. Box 158

Sheridan, AR  72150-0158



Jefferson County DHS1222 West 6th AvenuePine Bluff, AR  71603


Lincoln County DHS101 West WileyStar City, AR  71667-1128


Home Health Agencies – Area Agency on Aging


Arkansas County807 N. MainStuttgart, AR  72160

870-673-7146 or 800-737-1297

Cleveland County402 N. Main, Suite #3Rison, AR  71665

870-325-7455 or 800-737-1383

Jefferson County200 E. 11th, Suite KPine Bluff, AR  71601

870-543-6300 or 800-264-3260

Ashley County208 AlabamaCrossett, AR  71635

870-364-7788 or 800-737-1303


Desha County900 Oak StreetMcGehee, AR  71654

870-222-6960 or 800-737-1515


Lincoln County700 S. LincolnStar City, AR  71667

870-628-5147 or 800-737-2017


Bradley County#96 North EtheridgeWarren, AR  71671

870-226-5769 or 800-737-1337


Drew County  110 E. GainesMonticello, AR  71657

870-367-9873 or 800-737-1529

Grant County811 East CenterSheridan, AR  72150

870-942-4842 or 800-737-1627


Chicot County114 N. ChicotLake Village, AR  71653

870-265-3841 or 800-737-1377

Southeast Arkansas Medical Clinics 
Ashley County Medical CenterUnity RoadCrossett, AR 71635

870-364-5555 or 800-480-9940


Bradley County Memorial Hospital204 BraggWarren, AR 71671


Mainline Clinic Eudora579 East Beouff Street1870-538-3355

Eudora, AR 


Chicot Memorial2729 Highway 65 & 82Lake Village, AR  71653



Drew Memorial Hospital778 Scogin DriveMonticello, AR 71657



Mainline Clinic Star City203 South JeffersonStar City, AR  71667
Daughters of CharityDePaul Health Clinic145 West Waterman

Dumas, AR



Mainline Clinic Monticello766 H.L. Ross DriveMonticello, AR  71655



Mainline Clinic Dermott300 South School StreetDermott, AR  71638


Jefferson Regional Medical Center1600 W 40th

Pine Bluff, AR  71603


Mainline Clinic Arkansas City1008 Sadie Lee LaneArkansas City, AR  71630


Mainline Clinic  Wilmot203 McComb StreetWilmot, AR 71676


Homestead Property Tax Relief


Amendment 79 was passed by a majority vote of the people of Arkansas during the statewide General Election on November 7, 2000.  Amendment 79 and Act 142 of 2007 are intended to provide property tax relief for homeowners within the State of Arkansas and provides for up to a $350 tax credit on the property that is their principle place of residence.  To apply for the credit, contact your county Assessor’s Office for a form.

If you are 65 or older or if you are totally disabled, attach proof of birthday or disability card to the form to receive an additional benefit of freezing your property’s taxable value.

Forms must be received by October 15 to receive credit on current year taxes.



Hospice services are designed to meet the physical, psychological and special needs of persons with terminal illness and provide support to family members.

Hospice Home Care, Inc.3063 W. 28thPine Bluff, AR  71603

870-540-0727 or 888-479-7496

Arkansas Hospice224 Hwy 425 S.Monticello, AR  71655


Hospice Home Care, Inc.455 West GainesMonticello, AR  71655

870-367-9008 or 800-479-0756

Hospice Angels3801 Camden Road, St. 12Pine Bluff, AR 71603

870-534-4847 or 800-537-0585

Arkansas Hospice201 Frankie LaneWhite Hall, AR  71602


Senior Housing

Starting in 1986, AAA Elderly Housing of Southeast Arkansas, a division of Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas, has been dedicated to provide safe, decent and affordable housing for the low income elderly.  We currently have 14 complexes, in seven counties with a total of 292 units, funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

There are four complexes in Jefferson, one in Arkansas, three in Ashley, two in Chicot, one in Dallas, one in Desha, and two in Grant County.  All complexes are equipped to meet the needs of the seniors, whether it is a physical need such as a wheelchair accessible apartment or a visual and hearing impaired apartment.

Our residents are required to meet three eligibility requirements; age requirement of 62 years old or disabled in some complexes, pass criminal background check and meet federal income limit guidelines.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development pay 70% of the residents rent and the resident pays the remaining 30% after deductions.  At the end of 2014, 260 units were occupied.

If you are interested in housing, either contact the Area Agency of Southeast Arkansas, Inc. (870-543-6300 or 1-800-264-3260) or your local Housing Authority office.

The following are complexes owned and operated by the Area Agency of Southeast Arkansas.

Brett H. Bradshaw Manor2008 Ridgway RoadPine Bluff, AR  71603


Heritage Manor of Stuttgart130 Commercial Drive – BStuttgart, AR  72160


Heritage Court of Pine Bluff2800 West 31st AvenuePine Bluff, AR  71603


Heritage Manor of McGehee1619 Heritage Manor DriveMcGehee, AR  71654


Heritage Manor of Dermott1104 South TrotterDermott, AR  71638


Heritage Manor of Eudora2105 Hwy 65 SouthEudora, AR  71640


Heritage Manor of Pine Bluff3217 Old Warren RoadPine Bluff, AR  71603


Heritage Villa of Pine Bluff

308 West 37th

Pine Bluff, AR  71603


Heritage Manor of Crossett1573 Hwy. 52 WestCrossett, AR  71635



William (Bill) Sanders Manor of Crossett2310 Main St.Crossett, AR  71635


Heritage Manor of Fordyce507 N. EdgarFordyce, AR  71742





Heritage Manor of Wilmot404 South Second StreetP.O. Box 517

Wilmot, AR  71676


Heritage Manor of Sheridan407 South RoseSheridan, AR  72150


Heritage Court of Sheridan815 Shackleford RoadSheridan, AR  72150

Licensed Adult Day Care Facilities

Adult Daycare-Clients must be physically or mentally impaired and in need of care/supervision for a period of more than two hours, but less than 24 hours a day, in a location other than the client’s home.

Caring Children Adult Day Care139 East CollegeMonticello, AR  71655


Dianne’s Adult Health Daycare Center

601 Ohio Street

Pine Bluff, AR  71601


Katherine’s Little Angels Adult Care Center2006 W. 27thPine Bluff, AR  71603



Our Mommy’s and Daddy’s Adult Day Health Care Ctr.1406 East HardingPine Bluff, AR  71601
Precious Years Adult Day Health Care3601 W. 6thPine Bluff, AR 71603


Redeem Adult Day Health Care1604 Brentwood DrivePine Bluff, AR  71601



Adult Family HomeThis option provides a family-style living environment for ElderChoices clients who cannot live independently. Each home is limited to a maximum of three residents who are not related to the Ault Family Home Provider. Homes are certified by Department of Human Services, Division of Aging and Adult Services after completing their certification requirement.

Information and Assistance

The Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas- will provide you the information about services, resources, and opportunities to help meet your particular problem or need.  The number in Pine Bluff is 870-543-6300 or toll-free at 1-800-264-3260.  You may also contact the Senior Citizen Center in your area.  Or you may visit the Agency’s website at


The Division of Aging and Adult Services- is an agency designated by the Governor and the Legislature to be the statewide focal point for older Arkansans.  If you would like to contact them, you can do so by calling 501-682-2441.  If you have ever tried to get an answer to a simple question about the federal government and found yourself on a merry-go-round, or you have been a little unsure of the exact question you wanted to ask, but knew the general problem?  If so, call the Federal Information Center, 1-800-366-2998.

Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation, Inc.-The Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation (AHCAF) is a statewide volunteer health care program which was developed to help low income, uninsured Arkansans gain access to non-emergency medical care.  Physicians, dentists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, cooperating hospitals, private home health agencies and the Public Health Department all are currently volunteering their time, goods and services.  Because of these volunteers, many Arkansans have received free office visits and other donated medical services. To see if you qualify, visit your county Department of Human Services and ask for an Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation, Inc. application.  The process takes about three to five working days.  If approved, you may call 1-800-950-8233 to access medical care.

Adult Protective Services, Intake Reports, & Central Registry-As required by ACA 12-12-1707, the Department of Human Services, Adult Protective Services (APS) maintains a single statewide telephone number that all persons, whether mandated or not, may use to report cases of suspected maltreatment of impaired and endangered adults. Adult Maltreatment Hotline – 800.482.8049 is operational 24 hours per day, seven days per week

Legal Services

Legal Assistance- This service provides legal advice, counseling, and representation by and attorney or other individual action under supervision of an attorney. Clients must be age 60 or older. This service cannot provide legal counsel for criminal charges.

Do you need an attorney, but do not know how to locate one to represent you?  You can get the services by contacting the following organizations:


Center for Arkansas Legal
1400 West 5th StreetPine Bluff, AR  71601870-536-9006 or 800-952-9243

Serves Arkansas, Chicot, Cleveland, Desha, Drew, Grant, Jefferson and Lincoln Counties.

101 West ElmEl Dorado, AR  71730870-863-0368 or 1-800-952-9243

Serves: Ashley, Bradley, Calhoun, Columbia, Dallas, Nevada, Ouachita and Union Counties.


Social Security Administration


Social Security pays retirement, disability, survivors, and family dependent benefits for eligible insured persons and their dependents.

To apply for Social Security benefits, you may visit online at, call 800.722.1213, or visit your local Social Security Office. To find an office in your area, visit

El Dorado District officeSocial Security Administration2600 W. Hillsboro

El Dorado, AR  71730

866-526-9254 or 800-772-1213

Serves: Ashley County

Pine Bluff District officeSocial Security Administration3511 Market St.

Pine Bluff, AR  71601

866-536-9693 or 800-772-1213

Serves: Arkansas, Bradley, Chicot, Cleveland, Desha, Drew, Grant, Jefferson and Lincoln counties.

870-543-6300 or 1-800-264-3260

Senior Citizen Centers

Senior Citizens centers provide seniors with education on nutrition, health counseling and daily recreational activities.  A hot meal is served at noon and transportation and other services are available. Area Agency on Aging operates 15 Senior Centers in community or neighborhood facilities in nine counties in Southeast Arkansas we serve.  These centers that have been established for a broad spectrum of supportive services, including health, social, nutritional, educational and recreational activities for older individuals.  Activities include health screenings, exercise classes for low impact along with Peppi classes to help with balance and fall prevention, dancing and field trips.

Special events and holiday celebrations are planned at the Centers along with games every day such as bingo, cards, or dominos.  These program and services promote wellness, social interaction, community engagement and intellectual growth.

Congregate meals are meals offered to all seniors 60 years of age or older, regardless of income.  Over 94,000 congregate meals and over 146,000 home delivered meals were distributed through our Senior Centers.

Volunteer service plays a critical role in the successful operation of the Senior Centers. This type of service is known to add purpose and meaning to life; a way to contribute to the community.  In 2014, volunteer hours at the centers were 10,657 hours with over 300 volunteers.


Arkansas CountyStuttgart Senior Center811 South Buerkle

Stuttgart, AR  72160


Bradley CountyWarren Senior Center96 N. Etheridge

Warren, AR  71671


Desha CountyMcGehee Senior Center900 Oak Street

McGehee AR  71654


DeWitt Senior Center205 N. MainDeWitt, AR  72042



Chicot CountyDermott Senior Center201 N. Freeman

Dermott, AR  71638


Drew CountyMonticello Senior Center203 Henley Drive

Monticello AR  71655


Ashley CountyCrossett Senior Center1208 Pine

Crossett, AR  71635



Festinger Memorial Lake Village Senior Center751 N. Lakeshore DriveLake Village, AR  71653


Grant CountySheridan Senior Center1525 Hwy 270 E (Grant Co. Park)

Sheridan AR  72150



Hamburg Senior Center1406 N. MainHamburg, AR  71646



Eudora Senior Center101 Park PlaceEudora, AR  71640



Jefferson CountyMichael J. Strachota Senior Center801 East 8th

Pine Bluff, AR  71611


Montrose Senior Center1380 Highway 165 NorthMontrose, AR  71663


Cleveland CountyRison Senior Center#50 I. E. Moore Drive

Rison, AR  71665


Lincoln CountyStar City Senior Center201 North Drew

Star City AR  71667


Congregate Meals

This service provides meals to a qualified individual in a congregate or group setting. Clients must be age 60 or over. Spouses are also eligible. Meals may also be available to individuals with disabilities who are under age 60, but who reside in housing facilities occupied primarily by older individuals at which congregate nutrition services are provided. Meals that are served in a group setting such as a senior center or elderly housing facility are usually associated with activities promoting social interaction and reducing social isolation. The meals served meet all requirements of the Older Americans Act, state laws, and local laws.

Home-Delivered Meals

A meal provided to a qualified individual in his or her place of residence. Clients must be age 60 or over. Spouses are also eligible. The meals served must meet all of the requirements of the Older Americans Act, state laws, and local laws.


Retirement Activity Groups


American Association of Retired Persons (Arkansas State Office)

1701 Centerview Drive, Suite 205

Little Rock, AR  72211


Stuttgart-North Arkansas County Retired Senior Volunteer Programs (RSVP)

425 S. Main

P.O. Box 142

Stuttgart, AR  72160



Jefferson County Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

211 West 3rd, Suite 125

P.O. Box 8702

Pine Bluff, AR  71611


Services for the Visual, Hearing and Physically Impaired


Disability Rights Center1100 N. University Ave. 1100 N.University Ave.

Suite 201

Little Rock, AR  72207

501-296-1775 or






Arkansas Lions State Office7430 North Hills Blvd.North Little Rock, AR  72116


Provides information of local contact for assistance with eye exams, eyeglasses and hearing aids to eligible persons.


Lions World Services forthe Blind2811 Fair Park Blvd.

Little Rock, AR  72204

501-664-7100 or


Provides training for visually impaired persons


Arkansas Enterprises for the Developmentally Disabled (AEDD)105 E. RooseveltLittle Rock, AR  72206


Arkansas Lighthouse for the Blind6818 Murray St.

P.O. Box 192666

Little Rock, AR  72219



Delta Resources for Independent Living3131 W. 28thPine Bluff, AR  71603



Arkansas Easter SealsAdult Services Program11801 Fairview Road

Little Rock, AR  72212



National Eye Care Project

Help Line

P. O. Box 429098

San Francisco, CA  94142-9098

1-800-222-EYES (3937)   Provides referrals for persons age 65 or older who do not have access to an ophthalmologist.

Hear Now

6700 Washington Ave. So.

Eden Prairie, MN  55344



Arkansas State Library – Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped900 W. Capitol, Suite 100

Little Rock, AR  72201-1081


Office of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Independent Living Service Program

26 Corporate Hill Drive

Little Rock, AR  72205




Better Hearing Institute

1444 I. St., NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC  20005



Division of Services for the Blind700 MainP. O. Box 3237

Little Rock, AR  72203-3237



Special Organizations and Groups
Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services10411 W. Markham, Suite 130Little Rock, AR  72205

501-224-0021 or 1-800-689-6090


American Cancer Society901 N. UniversityLittle Rock, AR  72207



Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute (CARTI)P.O. Box 55050Little Rock, AR  72215



American Heart Association909 West 2nd StreetLittle Rock, AR  72201





American Kidney Fund11921 Rockville Pike, St. 300Rockville, MD  20852



Cystic Fibrosis Foundation10515 W. Markham, Suite K9Little Rock, AR  72205


American Lung Association of Arkansas217 W. 2nd, Suite 105

Little Rock, AR  72201



American Red CrossJefferson County Chapter211 West 3rd

Pine Bluff, AR  71601



Diabetes Association of Arkansas320 Executive Ct., Suite 104Little Rock, AR  72205

501-221-7444 or 888-DIABETES


Arkansas Kidney Disease Commission26 Corporate DriveLittle Rock, AR  72205



Arkansas Medical Society10 Corporate Hill Dr.P.O. Box 55088

Little Rock, AR  72215

501-224-8967 or 800-542-1058


Salvation Army501 East 12thPine Bluff, AR 71601



Salvation Army870-367-7275 or 870-367-3966Monticello, AR 71655 South Central Center on AgingSenior Education CenterI 530 Medical Mall

4747 Dusty Lake Drive, St. 101

Pine Bluff, AR  71603




                                          Spinal Cord Commission                   Arthritis Foundation       

1501 N. University, Suite 470               10 Corporate Hill Dr Suite 340

Little Rock, AR  72207                          Little Rock, AR  72205

501-296-1788                                      501-644-7242 or 800-482-8858

870-534-2993 – Pine Bluff Office

870-234-6219 – Magnolia Office

Support Groups

(All dates and times are subject to change)
 Amputee Support GroupJefferson Regional Medical Center

1600 W. 40th Ave.

Pine Bluff, AR  71603


Call to confirm date and time


Alcoholics Anonymous


 HDRS6841 West 13th

Pine Bluff, AR  71601



MS Support Group

Delta Resource Center

3131 W. 28th

Pine Bluff, AR  71603


4th Thursday of each month

 Diabetes Support GroupHenslee Conference Room

JRMC, Pine Bluff


1st Tuesday of each month



Rape Victims/Assistance Unit

101 West Barraque

Pine Bluff, AR 71601


Emergency: 541-5384

Serves: Jefferson County and Lincoln

 Parkinson Support GroupLifequest Support Group

600 Pleasant Valley Dr.

Little Rock, AR  72227



Domestic  Violence,  Sexcrime Homicidal, and Survivor Support -(Juvenile & Non-Violent Crime)

101 West Barraque, Room 110

Pine Bluff, AR  71601




Federal Income Tax Information                  Arkansas Department of Finance and

1-800-829-1040                                              Administration

Room 110, Ledbetter Building

State Income Tax Information                      7th & Wolfe Streets

1-501-682-1100                                              P.O. Box 3628

Little Rock, AR  72203

Arkansas Tax Credits                                     501-682-7225 or 1-800-482-1992

501-682-7265 or 1-800-482-1167


Toll Free Numbers


Adult Protective Services1-800-482-804924 Hour Per Day 7 Days per Week Arkansas Attorney General’s Office – Consumer Div.1-800-482-8982  Arkansas Health Respiratory Association1-800-880-5864 
Advocates for Women and Children First Hotline1-800-332-4443  Arkansas Blue Cross/Blue Shield(Medicare Part A & B, Claims)1-800-482-5525 Arkansas Insurance Dept. Hotline1-800-852-5494


AIDS Hotline1-800-232-4636  Arkansas Foundation For Medical Care1-800-272-5528


Arkansas Public Service Commission1-800-482-1164
Alternatives for Persons with Disabilities1-800-981-4457  AR-GetCare1-866-801-3435  Arkansas SMP1-866-726-2916 
Alzheimer’s Association1-800-272-3900  Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation1-800-950-8233  Arthritis Foundation of Arkansas1-800-482-8858 
American Cancer Society1-800-227-2345  Arkansas Health Department1-800-462-0599 Better Business Bureau1-800-482-8448 
American Diabetes Association1-800-232-3472  Better Hearing Institute1-800-327-9355  Center for Arkansas Legal Services1-800-950-5817 
Child Abuse Reports1-800-482-5964  Client Assistance (DHS Clients)1-800-482-8988  Consumer Product Safety Commission1-800-638-2772
Credit Counseling Centers of Arkansas1-800-357-8265 Women & Children First Hotline1-800-332-4443 Eldercare Locator1-800-677-1116
Crime Victim’s Reparation1-800-448-3014 Elderchoices Medicaid Waiver1-800-981-4457 Federal Income Tax Information1-800-829-1040 (TDD)
Federal Information Center1-800-688-9889 Food Stamp Fraud/Abuse Line1-800-422-6641 Hearing Aid Help Line1-800-521-5247
HUD-Approved Housing Counseling1-800-569-4287 Inspector General’s Hotline (Medicare/Medicaid Complaints)1-800-368-5779 Low Income Health Care Assistance1-800-638-0742
Medicaid Eligibility Information1-800-550-1401 Medicaid Recipients Information1-800-482-5431 Medicaid – Report Lost Card1-800-482-8988
Medicaid Long Term Care/Food Stamps1-800-482-8988 Medicare Hotline1-800-633-4227 Medicare Part D1-877-772-3379
National Association for Speech and Hearing Action1-800-638-8255 National Council on Aging1-800-424-9046 National Eye Care Project1-800-222-3937
National Health Information Clearinghouse1-800-336-4797 National Hearing Aid Society1-800-521-5247 National Insurance Consumer Help Line1-800-942-4242
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped1-800-424-8567 National Toll Free Directory Assistance1-800-555-1212 Office of Long Term Care 1-800-582-4887
Relay for Deaf and Hearing Impaired1-800-285-1121 or Dial 711 Secretary of State’s Election Division1-800-482-1127 Senior Insurance Network/Insurance Consumer Hotline1-800-224-6330
Social Security Administration/SSI1-800-772-1213 Tourist Information/Arkansas Dept. of Parks and Tourism1-800-482-8999 Veterans Administration1-800-827-1000





Reservations are needed at least 48 business hours in advance to allow planning for efficient use of resources.

SEAT has vehicles throughout the service area and offers door-to-door service.  Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available on request.

SEAT’s motto:  “Safety is #1”.

To request a ride, call SEAT at 870-543-6340 or 1-866-501-7328 at least 48 business hours in advance.


Pine Bluff Transit

2300 East Harding

Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 71603


Ages 62 years and older ride free


Veterans Transportation

Jefferson County Courthouse

105 Main

Pine Bluff, AR  71601


This service provides transportation for veterans from the Pine Bluff area to the Veterans Hospital in Little Rock.


Veterans Transportation

Drew County


Monticello, AR  71655

870-460-6290 phone & fax

This service provides transportation for veterans from the Monticello area to the Veterans Hospital in Little Rock.

Veterans Services


Veterans Administration Regional Office                Disabled American Veterans Service

2200 Fort Roots Drive                                                  Veterans Administration Regional Office

P.O. Box 1280                                                              P.O. Box 1280

North Little Rock, AR  72115                                        Fort Roots – Bldg. 65

1-800-827-1000                                                          North Little Rock, AR  72115                                                               501-370-3838


Volunteer Organizations


Arkansas Division of Volunteerism

Dept. of Human Services

P.O. Box 1437, Slot S230

Little Rock, AR  72203-1437

501-682-7540 or


*This agency will help you find various volunteer opportunities.  See Retirement Activities Groups for additional organizations.

Voter Registration


The following listing is County Clerks in your area that can give you information on voter registration.


Arkansas County          870-673-7311             Ashley County              870-853-2020

Bradley County             870-226-3464             Chicot County              870-265-8000

Cleveland County         870-325-6521             Desha County              870-877-2323

Drew County                870-460-6260             Grant County               870-942-2631

Jefferson County          870-541-5322             Lincoln County             870-628-5114






The Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas complies with all civil rights provisions of federal statutes and related authorities that prohibited discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance.  Therefore, the Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, national origin, religion or disability, in the admission, access to and treatment in Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas’ programs and activities, as well as the Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas’ hiring or employment practices. Translation services available upon request. Complaints of alleged discrimination and inquiries regarding the Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas’ nondiscrimination policies may be directed to:

James Word                                                                                                         Lisa Williams

Section 504 Coordinator                                                                                 EEO Coordinator

709 E. 8th Avenue                                                  or                                     709 E. 8th Avenue

Pine Bluff, AR. 71601                                                                                     Pine Bluff, AR. 71601

870-543-6300                                                                                              870-543-6300

TTY # is 870-543-6391                                                                                 TTY# is 870-543-6325

Mission Statement

The Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas is committed to providing quality services to all ages in the community.

Vision Statement

The Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas’ vision is to be the #1 provider of services in the community, embracing today and tomorrow’s needs.  We pledge to empower people to maintain independence and dignity through life improvements.  We are the agency of inclusion, reaching out to all individuals, caregivers, families and the community.

Region Agency Contact Information Counties Served
Region I Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas

1510 Rock Springs RoadPO Box 1795Harrison AR  72602

(870) 741-1144; (800) 432-9721

TDD:  (870) 741-1346

Baxter, Benton, Boone, Carroll, Madison, Marion, Newton, Searcy and Washington
Region II White River Area Agency on Aging

3998 Harrison StreetPO Box 2637Batesville AR  72501

(870) 612-3000; (800) 382-3205 (TDD)

Cleburne, Fulton, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Sharp, Stone, Van Buren, White and Woodruff
Region III East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging

2005 East Highland DriveJonesboro AR  72403(870) 972-5980; (800) 467-3278 Clay Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Greene, Lawrence, Lee, Mississippi, Phillips, Poinsett, Randolph and St. Francis
Region IV Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas

709 East 8th AvenuePO Box 8569Pine Bluff AR  71611

(870) 543-6300; (800) 264-3260

TDD:  (870) 543-6339

Arkansas, Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Cleveland, Desha, Drew, Grant, Jefferson and Lincoln
Region V CareLink (Central Arkansas area Agency on Aging) 700 Riverfront DrivePO Box 5988North Little Rock AR  72119

(501) 372-5300; (800) 482-6359 (TDD)

Faulkner, Lonoke, Monroe, Prairie, Pulaski and Saline
Region VI Area Agency on Aging of West Central 905 West Grand AvenueHot Springs AR  71913(501) 321-2811; (800) 467-2170 Clark, Conway, Garland, Hot Spring, Johnson, Montgomery, Perry, Pike, Pope and Yell
Region IVV Area agency on Aging of Southwest 600 Columbia, 11 EastMagnolia AR  71754(870) 234-7410; (800) 272-2127 Calhoun, Columbia, Dallas, Hempstead, Howard, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Nevada, Ouachita, Sevier and Union
Region VIII Area Agency on Aging of Western 524 Garrison AvenueFort Smith AR  72901(479) 783-4500; (800) 320-6667 Crawford, Franklin, Logan, Polk, Scott and Sebastian

2015 Resource Directory